Thoughtful add-ons for your guest bathroom

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No matter if it’s a bedroom or bathroom, having your own personal space makes it easier for anyone to feel like home. And when it comes to your guests, they certainly would like to have their own personal space too (only if you have an extra bedroom or bathroom space). In most of the cases, people usually keep one bedroom spare for their guests to rest and as much as they would love to have their own bedroom space, a guest bathroom doesn’t also sound a bad deal if you may ask us. While there’s no big deal to share the same bathroom with the host, but their stay can be made a lot easier and comfortable by providing them with their own bathroom. This won’t only make their stay more enjoyable but will also give them the privacy they need. And there can be no better way to make your guests feel more welcomed than giving your spare/guest bathroom a few touch-ups. These little and thoughtful gestures can certainly make your guests feel more appreciated, comfortable and of course well taken care of.
All you need are some welcoming elements and your guest bathroom will be ready to welcome your guests.

Invest in high-quality towels
Of course, you cannot use the same old and threadbare towels in your guest bathroom as nobody would like to use those, not even you. You can always add a stack of new and fresh bathroom towels including washcloth and hand towel to the bathroom. While purchasing the towels, make sure that they are of high quality and feel super soft and gentle on the skin. Shortlist a few luxuriant material towels and pick the one that fits your budget and the needs. If you want to be more creative and fun with those towels, then you can also arrange them in different shapes like a swan.

Incorporate fresh flowers and plants

Nothing can be more lively and energetic than a fresh bunch of flowers and some green plants. They instantly add so much life to the space and make it look more bright, colorful and relaxing. Look for flowers that have a nice fragrance to them so that they can instantly refresh your guest’s mood and make them feel rejuvenated. Set the flowers in a beautiful pot just before the arrival of your guests. Adding flowers to the guest bathroom will add so much flair and visual interest to the space. You can pick any kind of flower you like, but if you know your guest’s flower preference, going with it would be even better.

Add a comfy floor mat
For them to feel more relaxed and comfy, you can consider adding a floor mat to the bathroom space. This is a very quick and cost-efficient way to elevate the appearance of your bathroom and make it feel more chic and stylish. Look for a floor mat that is more colorful, soft and sumptuous. It’s all about comfort, and the best way to make your guests feel more comfortable in the bathroom is by adding a new and quirky floor mat. There are a whole range of floor mats available in the market, look for the options that fit your needs and requirements.

Decor accents

To give your bathroom a more stylish and spruced up appearance, you can definitely use those decorative accents to do the trick for you. Adding a few decor pieces definitely helps to make the bathroom space feel more warm, welcoming and cozy. For example, you can totally use some fragrant candles by setting them up on a beautiful tray, some decorative jars, wall art, frames or anything you like. They will instantly add so much visual interest to the bathroom and make it look aesthetically more appealing.

Add a robe and slippers

To give your visitors a proper hotel-like feeling, you can consider hanging a robe and a pair of slippers in the bathroom. This would add a luxuriant feel to the bathroom space. And believe us; your guests would really appreciate this thoughtful gesture of yours. Look for robe and slippers in a matching set and place it either in the bathroom closet or put them on the top of a table.

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