Basics of Eclectic Home Interior

Basics of An Eclectic Home Interior

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An eclectic home interior is a work of art and not everyone quite understands the concept of the same. The reason why we don’t seem to fit well with the eclectic home interior is that there is no concept. If we found something beautiful for our home and were desperate to add the same into the setting ignoring what the original setup is, we are pretty much going eclectic. This means that if you find anything that appeals to you and you want to get it added with your other favorite stuff that is different in shape, color, style, texture, design, build, motifs, etc, you do that in an organized way to fit in all the things you like.

Let us see the basics of an eclectic home interior.

  1. Different Textures

There is no rule but if you are looking to add your favorite elements, you will naturally invite more textures and varied designs to your home. The touch will be unique to each one of them and the shine will differ too. This way you will be playing with different stuff and with some quirk, you can add the fun element right into the house. Here you will have to organize which textures should get in the limelight and which ones would help build a canvas.

different textures


  1. Bring Focus

It is essential here to take note of a few things here when you are going a little crazy on the eclectic home décor choices. Picture that you have brought curtains, bedding, paintings, carpets, plants, cupboards, and lamps, for your desired space, and all being beautiful in their way is what made you purchase them in the first place. But when all these pretty stuff are stuffed in one place, they don’t make sense together and each one of the pieces tries to overshine the other.

In this case, you will have to choose one point of prime focus that is robust enough to dim the other one effectively.

bring focus


  1. Haphazard But Good

The only rule you would ever need to design your home in an eclectic way is to stay organized in disorganization. Bring in the chaos that you want because that is the virtue here. If you are not playing with variety here, it would not make sense at all. If you are sticking to one routine setup, it would be modern, contemporary, or Mediterranean, but not the enticing flavor you are looking for through selective choices.

Haphazard But Good


  1. Experiment with Colors

A later priority still but makes sense in this type of interior design. It is essential to cut the monotony of colors. Eclectic doesn’t accept dullness at all. If you have seen any similar décors, you would easily find yourself being able to differentiate each beautiful ingredient sensibly. If nothing stands out, it is boring and eclectic design is nowhere close to that. Include a few colors out of the original color palette.

experiment with colors


  1. Add Separation

When a lot of colors are put in irregularly, it becomes vital for the ingredients to be separated from each other well enough so that they can come out in notice properly. For example, a picture that you have a curtain and a rug that belong to the same color palette, let’s say black and white. It would be difficult to place them in the same frame. Choosing a rug in grey or cool beige would help in an eclectic home. Or you would have to consider your flooring option so that both things shine through.

add separation



Picking up the good stuff wherever you find them is a great way to hoard the most loved objects of home décor. The eclectic idea gives you space to incorporate your favorite elements handpicked from all styles and the very presence of different elements in a platter is the essence of eclectic home décor. For a liberal, this seems to be the best idea we have currently. You will be able to pull it off once you begin with the zeal of purchasing the good things over the right things. These décor tips will help you conceptualize your room in a better way.

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