Best House Plants To Grow Indoors

Best House Plants To Grow Indoors

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Adding house plants to your indoor space not only adds an element of decoration but also serves as the lively companion. Adding greenery to your living space just lifts your mood and gives an ambiance of connection with nature. It is one of the greatest and easiest ways to lead a sustainable life in an urban suburb. Adding green vibes to your space doesn’t require you to put in much effort, just any vacant corner of your home and they can be fixed to just spice up the whole vibe of your space.

Nowadays, when we all spend most of our time indoors, working, sleeping, relaxing, eating the purity of air matters. With such chaos every time in our space the quality of air is adversely affected. The indoor air becomes stale and stench, which rips your health. To purify the air we breathe and live in most of the times, it’s important to add greenery. You can’t imagine the wonders it can do to your health besides decorating your space.

We have listed some great plants that transfer a green, airy, and clean ambiance to your abode and by adding these you won’t require any room fresheners. It is the most affordable and the best natural way to impart a clean aroma to your space.

Some Best Indoor Plants To Grow

Aloe Vera-

Aloe Vera- You must have heard the skin benefits of Aloe Vera but least of you know that it is a wonder for improving your house air. The plant doesn’t require much care just water it once a week and keep it in bright light and it simply adds novelty to your space with its modern look. One of the most peculiar traits of adding Aloe Vera to your house is that unlike other plants Aloe Vera has the ability to emit oxygen both at the day time and night time which makes it a great plant for your bedroom space. And not to forget, you get your natural gem for combating the various skin problems.

With so many benefits and the greatest thing about this plant is that it is really effective from the cost point of view. You don’t need to splurge excessively and people on a budget can easily afford the addition to their abode.

Areca Palm-

Areca Palm- The contemporary appearing plant not only styles your space but also balances the moisture level of the indoor air. It is one of the best natural humidifiers that lock in the hydration to the air and prevents dryness that is lethal for your health and can trigger irritation to the body parts. The Areca Palm also is known as the Butterfly Palm is an astonishing choice of adding an indoor palm tree. You need to be a little cautious while adding this to your abode as it requires regular care to keep it lively. Don’t overwater it or underwater, just water it in the exact quantity, place it in a bright light that will facilitate the growth of the plant, and fertilize it regularly are a few care tips you need to follow.

Boston Fern-

Boston Fern- Boston fern again is a type of plant that acts as a natural humidifier and which balances the moisture level of the indoor air. The Plant combats the dry air maintaining the sufficient level of moisture in your space. If you are the one who is prone to abrupt dryness in various body parts that leads to body itch this plant is a real savior. Store them in a cool place with indirect light and water the mist leaves regularly is all you have to do to keep them alive.


Basil- The plant has a religious significance in South Asia and besides that, it also has a lot of health benefits that prove it to be a great addition to your indoor space. The Basil leaves are scientifically proven to increase the body immunity which results in fighting with various viral infections and diseases.

Holy Basil or Tulsi is regarded as the Queen of Herbs and renders various healing and medicinal properties. The plant is known to spread happiness beating mental health problems in your space with a waft of clean air.

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