Contemporary Ideas For An Exquisite Kitchen Design

Contemporary Ideas For An Exquisite Kitchen Design

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Designing a kitchen that has a high level of utility and aesthetics is simply the best thing to do. It means that you are mixing different styles together to make sure that they not only look good but also work for the betterment of the overall home decor. This renovation of the kitchen is imperative because that is where our food is cooked and sometimes, served too. So, this area should also be decorated in a modish style. Contemporary Kitchens make the kitchen design look more aesthetic in character and warmth. Statement lighting along with a flashy backdrop is the best way to make your kitchen feel lively.

Best Ideas For An Exquisite Kitchen Design

Concealed Storage

Concealed Storage You must have heard of open shelving trend in recent times. This just means that the trend of keeping your things concealed has passed and displaying them openly has made it to the list. This is great for all those kitchen styles where you want to use very high-quality and posh stuff. That kind of stuff can be easily displayed on the shelves and make the kitchen look like a mix of traditional as well as modern designs. But when it comes to contemporary designs, we recommend concealed storage and shelving. Of course, there can be a mix of both but you should concentrate more on clever storage of items. This will not only make your kitchen area look bigger but will also showcase a clean and tidy look. You can go for wooden storage coverage for the utmost charm.

Stone Kitchen Island

Stone Kitchen Island A kitchen island is basically a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in the center of the kitchen to supplement the countertop space. This makes more space for working and cooking in the kitchen and also adds to the overall look of the area. It is a common practice to build an island in the kitchen for a contemporary design so you should definitely think of adding this as a renovation tip. So, while you are at it, we would recommend picking a stone kitchen island for a modish look. If you think it is a bit vintage, then you might be right somewhat. But the thing is that this stone kitchen island is an improvisation of the traditional tiles or marble base. Thus, it looks more contemporary and less vintage.

Colored Upholstery

Colored Upholstery This one is your way to go! Adding a bit of color to your kitchen space can save it from looking dull. Although being contemporary is all about choosing the most high-end material for your space and avoiding colors. But adding a pop of color to your space is always a great idea. The trick is to pick only those colors that have earthy tones or nude tones or pastel colors, for that matter. It is time to close the door on pure white kitchens. Even if it Is just one element of an accent color, it is great for a contemporary kitchen vibe. Go for colored upholstery that you place next to your kitchen island. Pick colored counter stools next to the cabinets to add a dash of vibrancy to this space. You can also add colorful cushions or a patterned design to beat the traditional white kitchens.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated Appliances This is the most amazing way to add an element of innovation to your kitchen space. This is a bit surprising but it actually has appeal to it. Adding this element will make the space look modish and will break all barriers of tradition. These integrated appliances mean that one wall in the kitchen is completely devoted to the appliances. They are in-built in the wall and only the front portion is visible. This looks super slim and trim on the front and thus, showcases a very sleek look in the kitchen. Induction cooktops can also be used to design this space because of their seamless look. You no longer need to see appliances sticking out on the cabinet shelves anymore because this integrated method is the new face of luxury.

Subway tiles for backsplash

Subway tiles for backsplash Kitchen backsplash is an imperative part of contemporary kitchen design because they represent a classic and clean-cut look of the area. No matter what you do, this one can not be a turn-off. This is the most offbeat method to add vibrancy to this space and make it look tidy and classy. Pick it in neutral colors or light shades so that they do not dominate the area. They need to blend in and not stand out.

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