Decorate Your Bathroom On A Dime

Decorate Your Bathroom On A Dime

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The bathroom is the unexplored space when it comes to home decor. We often underrate the room by keeping it minimalistic. The bathroom like the rest of the rooms too needs to be revamped. The room is a striking element of our home decor. Your guests often visit your bathroom and if it’s not devised lavishly and contemporarily it can cast a bad impression of you.

It’s the most used space in our house. Space where we kick-start to a fresh morning, a place wherein the hot shower we wind down our stresses of the day, and it offers us a solitude. So, if the room is an inevitable space of our home than why not pay a little attention over decorating it. By decorating the bathroom we don’t imply towards re-building it, just a few renovations and you can refresh your bathroom space.

Decorate Your Bathroom On A Dime

Here, we provide you some basic ideas so you can include them in your space and manifest an astonishing expanse in your house. And you will swoon over by the results.

Add Curtains-

Add Curtains-

The first thing you can do is to fix your windows with curtains. It instantly draws striking attention towards your bathroom. The curtains you choose for your bathroom windows should be bold in colors. We all want a fresh amazon in our bathrooms but still, we want to preserve privacy. Therefore, bathroom windows should be fixed with curtains.

The next step is to separate your shower area from the rest of the bathroom by using shower curtains. The shower curtains should be of light or neutral color so that the main attention draws towards the window curtains. Shower curtains will also make your bathroom slippery-free. So in case your guests’ visit bathroom they don’t fall prey to a great slip. Also, it looks very clean and tidy. You will see how instantly the look of your bathroom changes.

Focus on the Display of your Bathroom-

Focus on the Display of your Bathroom

A bathroom can be a space of great mess, if not organized properly. Affix countertops near the sink and bathtubs where you can display your vast collection of bath goodies. This creates a more organized vibe. You can also add bathroom shelves near the toilet pot so that you can store your toilet papers and bathroom cleansers.

Make sure to add a toilet brush holder, so that your space looks a lot more organized and clean. You can also add a basket in which you can roll your bath towels. See, these are the little things that can easily spice up your bathroom space making it more presentable.

Accessorize with a flower vase

Accessorize with flower vase
Adding a flower vase to your bathroom can easily give a chic touch to space. It gives an airy, fresh, and lively vibe to your bathroom. You can place a small vase on the countertop of a bathroom sink or near your toilet pot. It’s the most affordable and eco-friendly way of refurbishing the entire look of your bathroom. When you step in the bathroom it gives you a very tranquil involvement that no one is to blame you if you wish to never come out of it.

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Focus on Artificial Bathroom Fragrances-

Focus on Artificial Bathroom Fragrances

No one likes to step into an unfortunate odor and bathrooms are home to that. It’s really important to remove bathroom odor otherwise there is no use of decorating and revamping it. So, it’s a must you add some bathroom fresheners and fragrance to it. Whenever you feel fetid smell you can spray that out.

For a more chic touch to your bathroom, you can also use aroma candles which keep both the foul smell at a bay and add a great piece of decoration. You can place it at the countertop of your bathroom sinks and give yourself a feel of luxurious body spa.

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