Decorating mistakes you should avoid making RN!

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Whether it’s you decorating your house or letting someone else do it for you, there are some decoration blunders that tend to happen, which you might not see as a mistake as far as we know. We aren’t any pro interior designer who knows how and where to put things to work. And if we ask a group of some interior designers about what decoration mistakes they have seen to date, the answers and the stories we’ll be hearing are going to be quite similar to each other. There are some of the very common mistakes that we amateur decorators end up making while decorating our house. While decorating is personal and good taste is subjective, but there are some practices that are nearly always mistakes. To help you know what all the mistakes you are doing while decorating your house, we rounded up a list of some common decorating mistakes that almost every homeowner does and how they can fix them.

Hanging artwork too high

Hanging the artwork high up on the wall is one of the goofiest mistakes anybody can do. Placing it too high on the wall makes it hard to appreciate the subject matter and looks quite silly. No matter how well furnished the entire room looks but an artwork hanged too high on the wall can easily bring down the thunder of the room. Unfortunately, it’s a common decorating mistake, and the rule of thumb to hang artwork is that it should always remain at eye level. If you have multiple artworks hanged on the wall, then the center of the grouping should be hanged at an eye level.

Adding too many throw pillows

As much as we like to add those quirky, comfy, and fun throw pillows, going overboard with them can be equally extra and unnecessary. While they are an easy, inexpensive way of adding colors to the room, but flooding the furniture with a pile of these throw pillows can be incredibly unnecessary. You need to tuck away some of them in your closet, and when the time comes; you can trade them for newer and fresh pieces. Add no more than three rows of pillows on your bed so that you could have plenty of area to sleep on comfortably.

Hanging dining room chandeliers too high

The chandelier and dining table should have a visual relationship with each other. The chandelier you have in the dining room should illuminate the table. The distance between the top of the table and the bottom of the chandelier should be between 30 to 34 inches. If the ceilings of the room are too high or the chandelier is large, you can go with the upper end of the range, and if the ceiling is short and the chandelier small, you can just stick to the lower end of the range.

If the cord or the chain of the chandelier is really short, then you can buy a new chain so that you can hang the chandelier at the right height.

Leaving a lot of space between the sofa and coffee table

The spacing matters a lot when it comes to your furniture, and similar is the case with your sofa and coffee table. It’s important to have the right distance between the two, and it should be no more than 18 inches or less than 12. If the table is too close, somebody’s leg is going to get bruised, and if the table is too far, it won’t be functional.

Hanging curtain rods too low

The curtain rods and the curtains greatly influence the way your room appears. If you have hanged the curtain rod too low, it will make your windows look short, and so do the walls. You should avoid installing the curtain rods just above the window or on the window’s top casing. On the contrary, you can create an illusion of extra height by putting those curtain rods to the right use by hanging them high, at least halfway between the window frame and the ceiling. However, rooms with vaulted ceilings are an exception.

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