Design Your Studio Apartment in a Bohemian Style

Design Your Studio Apartment in a Bohemian Style

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Once you have got an apartment, a home, or a studio. You don’t really get that homely vibe unless you have done some personalized decor. No one can have similar preferences. However, you can adjust somewhat here and there to get that homey feeling. To know that one must study their aesthetics. It is very important to know what you want before you go for it. Today we will be sharing what are the aesthetics of a bohemian style.

Bohemian Style Design For Your Studio Apartment

Rusty Gold

Rusty Gold This decor is supreme if you are in love with this color or textured objects then you need to have some items small or large in this color. To have a rusty gold color in your collection you can add some vintage small collectibles like a brass statue of the pets if you like pets, or you can get a brass tinted candle stand that looks good all the time. Then you can also get the mirror or picture frame in this shade. There are a lot many options in these shade which you could easily find in the local decor shops as well as a thrift store.


Furniture You don’t have to go all deep with the furniture. As you know the room is small and has to occupy not only your bed but your sort of living room as well. So one must not go over the board with a master size bed, keep the colors neutral and you will be good. The living room space should be the opening of your room that will make you feel welcomed and have a homely feeling. So you can place the couch and chair or chairs as per space. Coming to the coffee table round table works best in petit space. The curved edges give you and your friends’ space to walk in along the sides. Having a shelf and a bedside table is much needed for home feeling.


Curtains Curtains give a luxurious feel to the room; you can go for draping curtains along with window scarves. You can find these at any home store. If you want to go for blinds or shades you can, but these don’t really give a homely feeling to the room. So what can be done is that you hang the curtains above the blinds, thus if you like sunlight you can open the blinds and let some sunlight flash in through the curtain. This will offer you the comfort of drapes or blinds as well as have some luxurious look to your apartment. So work as you like with these, and remember only blinds or shades don’t look that great curtains are a must-have. You can also add some neutral shade curtains in any form you like and make sure you must have it till floor length.

Faux succulents

Faux succulents It’s barely necessary to work with the real plants if you cannot take care of them during your bachelor’s life. We all indeed have careers or studies to look forwards every day and besides if we get to plant real plants that are adding one more thing to your monotony. So, buy some of these faux plants and place some beside the couch or bed any place you like. Green is a refreshing color so you need to have some greenery in the living space.

Wall Decor

If you feel like there are too many walls in the area then, you need to work with some wall decor such as a shelf where you can shelter so many objects and use some of your closet pieces to as a decor. All of us have those glam heals in silver as well as gold, besides there are so cute purses and slings that we don’t have any space to secure their structure. These shelves can increase beauty as well as bring in some storage space for you. However, if you don’t like the idea of shelves then you must go for the big canvas which defines your personality.

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