DIY Ideas: Use Mason jars for a creative space

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The most gorgeous thing in the entire range of decorative things is this mason jar. This mason jar has so much vibe to it that you would love to use it for all your corners in the house. You can use them in the garden for your plants, you can use them in the bathroom for your essentials, you can use them for keeping your makeup brushes and even accessories. So, you should know that no matter what you pick, you can use a mason jar for a chic look and creative-looking corner. They are super versatile and can be used for a lot of decoration ideas. They have this amazing appeal to them that you can elevate by picking colorful and beaded jars. All your supplies and decor items will find a new home with this mason jar.

Take on one of these mason jar crafts and curate the following DIY ideas for the most creative corner in your house.

A mason jar Succulent garden

Sounds so interesting right? A mason jar or a set of mason jars can be used to create a small garden in one corner of the house- either inside or outside. This succulent garden is one of the most charming ways to plant cute little plants together and create a fun looking corner. The thing about succulents is that they are appealing to the eyes and make everything look even more beautiful. All you have to do is pick a set of colorful mason jars and place cute little succulents in them. Then you can line them on a shelf or cluster them together around a vase filled with flowers. This colorful corner will make for the most gorgeous place in the house. You can also give away these mason jars succulents as a present or simply use them as the above-mentioned decor idea. This is the easiest way to use these mason jars.

Mason jar dispenser

A mason jar dispenser is actually a functional way to use this jar. If you are bored with those old school soap dispensers in the bathroom, then this mason jar dispenser will have your heart. This idea is the perfect representation of creativity with utility. A soap dispenser is a must for every bathroom, we all know. And that is why you should always add some personal touch to every corner of your house. Pick a dispenser and place it in the center of the jar. Secure it with a lid. A mason jar dispenser will turn out to be the chicest style dispenser ever seen in a house. These pretty-yet-functional containers will add life to your bathroom and build the perfect vintage and classy style for any kind of bathroom.

Mason Jar Lantern

A mason ajr lantern is just another alternative for candle holders and string lights. With mason jars, you can never go wrong. Therefore, the idea of creating a mason jar lantern will not only flatter your garden, room and living room but also illuminate the area in a fancy way. All you have to do is place some string lights in this mason jar and fill them all together in different colors. Then hang this mason jar in whatever area you wish to illuminate. A few hardware supplies like a shade holder, light bulb, and wire cord will be needed if you wish to create a traditional lantern. Opt for a colorful mason jar and place them in large numbers to create the perfect ambiance for your space. For more convenience, illuminate the jars with battery-operated tea lights instead of candles and lanterns.

Mason jar makeup supplies

The cutest way to make your mason jar highlighted in the vanity area is to use it to stock up your supplies. These supplies are not only worth stocking but are of daily use for your outings. Here are a few ways to use this mason jar-

  • Mason jar Nail paint remover: Create your own nail-polish remover kit by using a sponge and acetone remover formula. This will be the quickest way to remove makeup.

  • Mason Jar Manicure Kit: This is a fancy style for the nail art-obsessed person in you. keep all your manicure supplies handy in this jar and decorate it with beads on the outside.

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