Exquisite Bedroom Designs Trending In The Year 2020

Exquisite Bedroom Designs Trending In The Year 2020

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Do you know which is the space of our house we adore the most? It is our cozy, warm and comfy bedroom. Nothing is as versatile in our home as our bedroom. This is the place where we spend most of our time away from the world. It is the perfect escape you get from all the work burden of your daily life. This intimate place is such that we can do anything and everything possible to entertain ourselves. Get in your comforter and binge-watch inside the warmth of the sheets.
As we have a special affection towards our bedroom and it is quite obvious why, so design it in a way that reflects your personality. There are few things you would notice that have been in trend since the past few years, like minimalism ushering in numerous forms, vibrant bohemian textures, and sculptural statement pieces of furniture. And now as 2020 has begun with a blast, let us look into the trends that are becoming prominent for this cozy space. There is something or the other anyone could relate to, whatever may be the style. Do consider the ideas mentioned below to give a fresh look to your space.

Best Trending Bedroom Design In 2020

Elevate the Luxe Factor

Elevate the Luxe Factor Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of bedrooms in our house and tend to neglect it. But you should always keep it in mind that bedrooms are something to give a retreat to our mind, body, and soul. A bedroom is something that acts as a charging station for us at the end of a tiresome day. So if it carries such importance then why not make it luxurious just like a hotel room. You can do so by adding sensory lighting fixtures, fine linens with interesting mixed textures and motorized shades. Even a large scale headboard can provide you with the required comfort and a luxe look. Get to learn good lessons about good living whenever you visit the best hotels. Then it won’t be much difficult to make your space the way you want it to be.

Statement Textiles

Statement Textiles Slowly and steadily we are coming back to the spaces that give a cozy, moody vibe. We can have this perfect setting in our bedroom by having pretty wallpapers, layers of textures and textiles along with gorgeous draperies. Do the draperies with blackout lining, the look it will bring out would be superb and marvelous till the next level.
The next thing that is covering almost everything in our bedroom spaces is the upholstery. You would see upholstered walls, soft furnishings to create a soft oasis amidst the hectic, modern lives. They try to bring in warmth by using luxurious fabrics so that they can peacefully relax when they come home. Another thing to add creativity is wallpaper. It is a great way to add color and pattern especially if it is a kids’ room.

Down to Earth

Down to Earth If you are not looking out for something rich and luxurious and just need a serene and minimalistic vibe for your room, then go for a nature-inspired bedroom. Here you will observe that the major focus would be on earth tones and textures. Have a monochromatic look with some splash of interesting colors. You can do so either by adding patterned wallpaper, plants or paint. More natural elements to add can be wooden wall hangings, floral or animal print wallpaper or wooden bed frames.

A Place to Unplug

A Place to Unplug A bedroom is a place to relax, so avoid all the electronic gadgets especially when you are in your bed. You would often see nowadays that bedroom designs now don’t have electrical outlets so that you won’t be surrounded by plugged-in devices while you sleep. Make a peaceful oasis for yourself by removing that TV and by investing in high-quality bedding, moody soft lighting, and aesthetic window treatments.

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