The Do’s and Don’ts to follow while decorating a small nursery space

The Do’s and Don’ts To Follow While Decorating A Small ursery space

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Creating a nursery for your baby is the most special and exciting thing to do. But when the space you’re dealing with is a little small in scale that’s when the decoration part gets a little tricky. You will want to create a space that not only works functionally but also has all the right elements in it without making the room appear cramped and crowded. When it comes to decorating, functionality and aesthetic appeal should always remain on the top of your priority as these two are what that defines a room and adds some character to it. And you certainly wouldn’t want to go wrong with your baby’s nursery which you probably would have created with nothing but love. To ensure that nothing goes wrong in the room and there’s a very smooth flow in the nursery, you should adhere to certain dos and don’ts that can help you create a space that is totally workable and looks equally functional and beautiful.

Things You Should Follow Or Shouldn’t Follow While Decorating Small Nursery Space

Do keep the color palette light

Do keep the color palette light While there’s nothing wrong with coloring the room dark, the only downside to it is that dark paint colors hold the tendency to make a space appears a lot smaller than it already is and when you already are dealing with small nursery space you wouldn’t want to do anything that will add on to it. Therefore, it’s always better to stick with a light color palette as it keeps the room looking brighter and bigger. However, if you still want to paint the room in a dark color, then you can create an accent wall and balance things out by decorating the room with light shade decor elements.

Don’t overwhelm the space with patterns

Don’t overwhelm the space with patterns Patterns can either work beautifully for your space or they can make the room look very chaotic and cramped. This is why you should be very careful while adding patterns into the nursery considering the fact that you have to deal with a small space. The last thing you want to do is overwhelming the nursery with different patterns which in result can make the room appear much smaller. Use lesser patterns in the room and make sure to balance things out by teaming them up with some solid and neutral colored pieces. You can add a pattern that is clean and repetitive and doesn’t feature more than just one or two colors.

Do paint the ceiling

Do paint the ceiling Painting the fifth wall of the room i.e. the ceiling can do wonders for any space especially when it’s small in size. No matter if you paint it dark or light, adding color to the ceiling adds more depth and dimension to the room, making it appear spacious. You can either paint the ceiling the same color as the walls or you can keep it one shade lighter to create a vaulted effect.

Don’t go overboard with furnishings

Don’t go overboard with furnishings While we understand that you would want to add every basic and important furnishing in the room but if that means you will have to compromise with the space, we would suggest keeping the room as to free and open as you can as your child would need plenty of space to play around. The lesser the furniture in the room, the better it will be for your child to play and roam freely in the room.

Do make use of light

Do make use of light No matter how small the room is, by letting the light pass in the room, you can make a world of difference in the way that space appears to you. Natural light is known to create a sense of openness and airiness in the room, so if the nursery comes with a window, just make the most of it by not covering them with dark drapes or curtains. Instead, you can use adjustable light-blocking blinds which you can pull down when your child is napping in the room and for the rest of the time; you can let it remain open.

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